Connecting HCPs to Therapeutic Brands on Trusted Media


We’re building the future of healthcare marketing with innovative digital products and strategies to better connect HCPs to therapeutic brands. 

With a focus on patient outcomes, our advanced marketing technology engages clinicians on trusted healthcare content to amplify new and emerging therapeutic insights. 

And with actionable insights into prescriber behavior, addressable to individual NPIs, we help brands maximize their message with efficient ROIs. 



By aggregating clinical publications, HCP-facing social channels, and popular digital sites with dense HCP populations, True Measure Media is building the world’s most trusted network of contextually-aligned healthcare content to match clinicians to pharmaceutical and medical device brands. 

By addressing CCPA and GDPR concerns through a transformational move to a CDP architecture, our first-party HCP data is future-proof from the obsolescence of cookie-based technology. 


And with the application of AI to contextually align HCPs to publisher content, health categories on HCP-facing social channels, and an array of targeting paths on popular, HCP-rich, digital destinations (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Connected TV, and more), True Measure Media is building unsurpassed reach into addressable HCP populations on nearly every digital channel.


With the distribution of branded messages on contextually aligned content, we guarantee brand safe and viewable media with measurable impressions by third parties. Our professional media buyers optimize executions daily with transparent reporting and analytics, available to brands 24/7. Health media has never been more efficient or better trusted.



To maximize ROIs, our platform is ready to measure campaign performance from trusted third-party partners like Comscore, DoubleVerify, and MOAT. With a natively brand-safe and viewable ecosystem, every impression, click, view, conversion and more can be measured for precise reporting on ROI. 


With an analytics stack that’s comprehensive, customizable, and available 24/7 with data refreshes every hour, marketers will have unprecedented insight and control over their marketing executions.



True Measure Media is leveraging healthcare professionals, technologists, and media experts to build the world's most innovative healthcare marketing technology. 

With a visionary approach to match healthcare professionals to technology that delivers branded insights to advance patient outcomes, True Measure Media’s mission is to provide ROI-proven digital strategies for a new and brighter world.



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